Current MembersDo I need to sign up for a legacy membership or am I automatically moved into Legacy?

Current members as of January 1, 2019 who stay through construction are automatically eligible for the legacy membership.

What is the difference between my membership and the legacy membership?

No difference, Members will stay at the current membership rate they are at and will be considered legacy if they stay until we re-open.

If I'm a member now but stop and wait to rejoin when the new building is done, how does that affect my dues?

You will be paying a much more significant amount as the dues will be almost double, and the entrance fee ranges anywhere from $2,400-$4,800.

How long will the building be closed down for?

Until Fall of 2020

What are the benefits of staying through the renovation?

• You’ll be the first to use the finest social/professional/athletic Club when it reopens
• You won’t have to pay an application fee to belong at the New MAC
• Ongoing financial benefits to legacy members
• Lock in Legacy Dues Rates for life of your membership
• Save Half off the initiation fee when you join by Dec 1
• NO Food and Beverage Minimums
• Receive a $30 monthly Food and Beverage Credit at The Mac on Water (Interim Clubhouse)
• Be forever memorialized in the building
• Save $5,000-9,000 if you join now
• Unique Member Milwaukee Outings and Events

What will my new dues be?

• Food & beverage minimum spends will be permanently removed as of 1/1/19

• By referring a new Member to join the MAC prior to 11/1/18, you can reset your dues to the “Centennial Rates” set in 2017:
– Executive Membership (age 40 and over): $199
– Intermediate Membership (age 35-39): $159
– Young Executive (age 34 and under): $119
• Legacy MAC Members (must be in good standing as of 11/1/18), will always pay at least 15% below the prevailing membership rate for new Members post construction.
• The New MAC dues will be approximately:
– Executive Membership (Age 44+): $395+
– Intermediate Membership (Age 40-43): $349+
– Young Executive (39 and under): $265+
– Initiation and joining fees will Range from $2400 – $6000
* Additional fees and charges will apply

What will my dues be if I quit and rejoin?

We anticipate a large inflow of new applicants to join the New MAC. You will be treated as any other new applicant, required to pay a full initiation fee and new market dues. As a Legacy Member you will lock in to the legacy preferred discount for the life of your Membership.

What’s the rationale to “restacking” the building at 758 N Broadway?

• All Mechanical, electrical and plumbing will be replaced
• The hotel will become an independent hotel managed by Sage Hospitality based in Denver. It will be a full service boutique hotel and will likely maintain the name as the Milwaukee Athletic Club Hotel
• The rest of the building will offer a full array of experiences for social, recreational, dining and athletics
• Meeting and Event Space
• Determine exclusive MAC Member fitness studios, Pool, Gymnasium, Lounges, 4 seasons rooftop space, rooftop athletics and more.

Will we return to a private, Member exclusive, club model?

• Absolutely! By updating the Club’s facilities , and narrowing our focus to just our private Club social and athletic programming & amenities, we are immediately able to provide a better and more exclusive experience
• Fundamentally the experience you have at the Club will be vastly elevated

Will we be doing any events in the temporary location?

a. Absolutely! We have the interim Clubhouse with a full bar and food option. We plan to continue our traditional events as well.

Will there be a MACs in the Water street club house?

We will have a 7,000 sq foot clubhouse called Mac on Water with a full food and beverage option plus a café, bar, dining facility, lounge and meeting spaces.

What’s changing and what’s staying the same?

• A lot of our beloved historic spaces will be preserved and restored (Bali, elephant, lounge)
• Athletics will be largely located on 5, 6 and 7 for both men and women, group fitness, locker rooms, steam, sauna, etc.
• 2nd floor will be event and meeting rooms
• Lobby will house a fully remodeled and conceptualized multi-concept market, bar and restaurant along Mason Street
• Elevators will be extended to the rooftop where a private MAC Member 4 seasons member lounge and rooftop cardio and strength and conditioning area will be fully re-imagined

Will athletics be co-ed?

The majority of Athletics will be co-ed, with the exception of a women’s only cardio and fitness area

What’s the parking situation while the Club’s building is closed?

Parking will be available in our current garage, or across the street from 735 N Water. We will have curbside valet and an app for easy coordination to get your car when you are leaving.

How do I get emails from the MAC?

If you are not getting emails, you may be blocked and need to subscribe so the system recognizes you. Please CLICK HERE and fill out the form to Opt-in.