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This site is your resource to stay up-to-date on the MAC construction and remodel. 

We will add additional information as it comes forward so please come back and check often.

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More group classes offered in the interim space

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Video Messages

Meet Ryan Doerr, Interim General Manager and President of Strategic Club Solutions

Meet Amber MacCracken, lead interior designer with Kahler Slater specializing in hospitality and food and beverage

Meet Adam Bastjan, lead designer with Kahler Slater specializing in sports and recreation

Meet Mike Lemmons & Dave Linden, the General Contractors-Bully & Andrews

Will there be a Capital Assessment?


Video Messages

Legacy Members & Dues

You deserve this

Bringing relevance back to the MAC

Meet the developers and understand the vision


Roundtable Breakfast Project Update

with Tony Janowiec on Sept 26

MAC Annual Meeting

May 22, 2018

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Member numbers
President’s Address
Desired outcomes
Summary of Member wants


Membership goals
What’s in it for you
Legacy Member benefits
Proposed new dues

Club Ops

To watch the entire Annual Meeting, click on the video.